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Bonsaisoft is a software development company based in San Jose, California that specializes in creating innovative solutions for US & Canadian Law Enforcement. Our aim is to simplify the work of Law Enforcement officers and make their job more efficient. Our mobile applications have been designed to save time and streamline processes, allowing officers to focus on their core duties.

At Bonsaisoft, we are dedicated to providing top-quality software products to the law enforcement community.

SFST Report App

Automatic DUI report generation for Law Enforcement.

The SFST Report app is designed to streamline DUI incident documentation for law enforcement officers. With features like automatic ID, VIN & Registration capture and compliance with NHTSA guidelines, the app saves time and ensures accuracy.

Officers can efficiently document field sobriety tests, capture PBT results, and generate comprehensive reportsβ€”all while maintaining data security and confidentiality.

The app is both ideal for both individual Officers and Agencies.

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Field Interview Cards App

App for LEOs to quickly capture detailed info on people, vehicle and incident.

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Miranda Rights App

Miranda warnings in English & Spanish for Law Enforcement.

Mobile Applications in other Fields

Flag Day App

Get notified when to fly your US flag at half-staff or full-staff.


All data entered in the apps and photo captured stay on the user's devices.
We don't send personally identifiable information to our servers.
We value privacy as much as you do.

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Established in 2014, Bonsaisoft LLC is an independent app publishing company based in San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We maintain our apps like bonsai trees, with care and attention to details. Our goal is to delight our users and help them in their everyday life.