Who is behind Bonsaisoft?

We are a 2 person company, husband and wife working together to create mobile applications that we hope people will enjoy.

My name is Sebastien Hareng (people call me “Seb)” and I’m in charge of app development and app marketing. My wife Cristina Hareng is in charge of all the graphic design.

Also, it wouldn’t be fair to not recognize the influence of our 3 kids (age 7 through 13) who give us a lot of feedback and help us test our applications.

We live in the Bay Area (San Jose, California).


Our Approach

Making a living selling applications is real challenge. The 2 major app stores (Apple Store and Google Play) have more than 1 million of apps each and it’s not easy to stick out in this crowded ecosystem.

Our approach is to take the time needed to create quality applications that enrich people’s lives (through education, entertainment, utilities, …). We love what we do and we are not here to make quick bucks or try to create an overnight success like Angry Birds. Instead, our goal to make a living from a solid app portfolio that lasts a long time.

We started Bonsaisoft back in October 2013 and we give ourselves 1 year to make a living from it. That also means that each time you spend money on our apps, you help us get closer to our goal so thank you in advance for your support!


Seb Hareng

(Bonsaisoft Co-Founder)

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